Here is a collection of my latest personal web and mobile applications. You can also find them on GitHub.
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A simple Android application for keeping track of your studies.



The classic game rebuilt in Vanilla JavaScript. Take a break and Play!



My super-simple CV template built using only HTML5 and CSS3.

About Me


I am a young passionate italian iOS developer based in London.

Although I've always had a passion for electronics and technology since I was a little girl, my education was primarily oriented on foreign languages.

The truth is that if you have a real passion you cannot ignore it!

As my dream was to become a programmer, I started learning something by myself and finally on January 2013, I was eligible for entering a Java and Mobile programming course. That was my turning point, I finally entered my dream world! I started by studying the OOP basics, Java and Android SDK and then, during my intern, I studied C#, Objective-C and iOS SDK.

Driven by my curiosity and supported by special people, I learned also the basics of web development and I have increased my knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and also Python and PHP.

Studying all these technologies I realised that my dream job is to develop for mobile devices and in particular I fell in love with iOS development.

My final goal is to master my professional skills in an agile environment, producing extreme quality software.

About this website

This is my first website and its purpose, for now, is to gather up all my works and ideas in order to share them with everyone who has the same passion that drives my work.

In conclusion let me thank that special people I mentioned before, who helped and supported me during this year.

My portfolio

ECN Agent:


Native iOS app to be used from contact centres for making, receiving, registering calls and managing customers' details.


Perugia Giovani:

Perugia Giovani

Native app available for iOS and Android devices for receiving alert on events for local communities.

Appstore Google Play


Perugia Giovani

Native app available for iOS and Android devices for company internal use.

Appstore Google Play

Fattoria Didattica Storymap:

Perugia Giovani

Web app to browse local high school activities, also from a Twitter and Flickr point of view.
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